MissionControl tweak brings useful shortcuts with a simple gesture on your iOS device

Mission Control, sounds familiar? Yes but this one isn’t for OS X. It’s a minimal menu to allow you to quickly access different apps and options on your iOS device. Just assign a gesture from Activator to activate MissionControl and you will see a simple page with different options on your screen. From this page you can quickly access Wi-Fi settings, visit a webpage, compose a new SMS or Mail, access the Twitter app, launch Cydia, respring your iOS device and more.

Currently the available options are pre-defined but developer of the tweak has promised that he will be adding the ability to add custom menus. Once you’ll be able to customize the menus then it will be easier to quickly access different apps and options of your choice.

MissionControl is available for free in Cydia under ModMyi repo.

Note: In order to access MissionControl you will need to assign a gesture from Activator app. Activator is also available in Cydia for free, search for it.

In my case I assigned ‘Double tap on status bar’ to access the MissionControl. For this open Activator>Anywhere scroll down and select ‘Double Tap’ under the ‘Status bar’ menu and assign it to com.coffeejay.missioncontrol.

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