Agenda Calendar is a minimalist replacement for iOS’s Calendar app

If you are a looking for a minimalist calendar app for your iOS device to replace its stock Calendar then look no further, try Agenda Calendar. Agenda Calendar is a calendar application for iOS devices that features a beautiful design and gesture based controls that makes it a must have for those who love simple user-interfaces. Along with a number of useful features Agenda Calendar by integrating with iOS’s Calendar app brings support for Google Calendar, iCloud, and other similar services. By stripping unneccessay features developers of Agenda Calendar have made it distraction free so that you can focus on the most important agendas of your life.

One of the best things about Agenda Calendar is that it is a universal app, so iPad users will be able to enjoy an optimized version of this application on their tablet device. A clever feature introduced in Agenda Calendar is called “status taps” which allows users to quickly confirm events, send email or SMS, indicate if they have arrived or will be late for any specific event on their calendar.

To view agendas of today, you can simply tap on iOS’s status bar and the app will take you there. You can also swipe right/left or tap on arrows to navigate views.

Agenda Calendar is also integrated with the Maps app so whenever you tap on an address it will take you to your Maps app so that you can check its location on the map.

Other features of Agenda Calandar app include:

+ Classic at a glance layout and twelve gorgeous themes
+ “Status taps” allow you to quickly send an email or SMS (iPhone-only) from the event view
+ Links, phone numbers, locations, etc. are actionable in the event view (e.g., addresses open up the Maps app)
+ Unique “Goal View” for keeping your year on track
+ Copy event in the event view using the share feature
+ Share an event and event invite via email
+ Swipes and gestures to quickly move you between views
+ “Go To” picker to fly to a date of choice
+ In iOS 5, show event alerts in Notification Center and the Lock Screen
+ Eight custom event alert sounds
+ Advanced custom alerts and reminders from the event screen when Due is installed
+ Add today’s date to the badge

As Agenda Calendar is a universal application, there are certain features that are exclusive to particular genre of iOS devices, here they are:


+ Tap the status bar on any view to return to “today”
+ Swipe between the year, month, week, day, or event views with one finger
+ Search events by tapping the “Go To” icon (“14”) on the week (list) view
+ Landscape week view accessible from the week (list) view
+ Set the default opening view; choose the year, month, week, or day, or event view
+ Week numbers are available on the landscape week view


+ Tap the “Target” icon for “today”
+ Incredibly designed “iPad Mode” in landscape or enjoy the “Classic” swipe-driven iPhone interface in portrait
+ Search events by visiting the “Day” view
+ Amazing week view that shows your entire week at once
+ Set the default opening view (Settings → Extras); choose the year, month, week, or day view
+ Week numbers are available on the month view

You can get Agenda Calendar for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the App Store for $0.99 [Download Link]

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