Rumor: Apple to announce iPad 3 in March and hold an ‘unusual’ event in February | ThinkiOS

Its February folks; that time of the year when crazy iPad rumors start popping out from everywhere. The latest one has emerged from a Japanese site called Macotakara that says Apple will hold an ‘unusual’ event in February and then announce iPad 3 in March. Macotakara has not specified what this ‘unusual’ February event will be about but they are pretty sure on the news that it is going to happen. The site first reported that Apple will announce iPad 3 in February and release it in march, and now has backed out from its previous claim and is reporting that Feb event will be ‘unusual’ while the iPad 3 announcement event will take place in March.

Macotakara writes [translated]

I reported that Apple was going to hold Special Event in early February according to Asian supplier and source from united states, but this report told a half-side of truth. Apple will hold “Strange” event at February instead of Special Event.

iPad 3 is expected and rumored to feature an A6 Quad-Core processor, Retina Display screen (2048×1536), LTE capability and more.