Apple becomes world’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer thanks to astonishing iPhone 4S sales

IDC has today released an analysis of Q4 2011 cellphone shipments, according to which Apple is now the third largest cellphone manufacturer of the world with 8.7% share of the total mobile phone shipments worldwide. Remember, this study covers all of cellphones, not just smartphones that makes this news significant for Apple as it only sells a handful of iPhone models and does not even produce feature phones. LG that lost its third position to Apple produces a variety of both smartphones and feature phones.

According to this research by IDC, Nokia was the world’s largest cellphone manufacturer with 26.6% of total mobile phone shipments. Samsung took the second spot with 22.8% of total shipments.

This growth of Apple has resulted after mind blowing sales of iPhone 4S and other iPhone models worldwide. Apple shipped 37 million units in Q4 2011.

On a related note, in case you don’t know; Apple is also the top smartphone manufacturer in the world.


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