iOS now serves more web traffic in US than OS X

Online ad firm Chitika used its statistics to compare the US web traffic trends coming from iOS and OS X devices. It gathered the data from hundreds of millions of ad impressions coming from United States to the publishers who use Chitika ads on their sites. The trend revealed in this study is somewhat surprising. Chitika on its blog reveals that as of February 2012, iOS serves more web traffic than OS X. iOS now has 8.15% share of total web traffic where as OS X only serves 7.96%.

OS X’s share has declined from its position of more than 9% in August of last year to 7.96%, where as iOS’s share rose from about 5% in August to 8.15% in February.

This rapid growth for iOS has come due to massive sales of iOS devices in the last quarter, in which Apple sold about 67.84 million iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. Mac sales in the last quarter were good too at 5.2 million units sold, but they were no where close to iOS’s huge number of units sold.

This study makes it clear that we are headed towards the Post-PC era Apple has been talking about for last few years, where devices like iPad and iPhone will have a greater market share than Personal Computers.

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