Steps is an upcoming task management app with a different approach

Steps is an upcoming app for iOS that will help users in managing their day-to-day tasks on their iOS devices. There are plenty of task management apps available in App Store, and some of them are very good. So what makes Steps different from others? A simple answer would be, its approach. Steps brings a unique approach to task management on iOS devices. Like most other apps of similar genre, there are no check marks, no flagging, tagging or sorting in Steps, instead the tasks are managed in expandable lists that are much more intuitive to use then traditional ones.


As Steps takes a different approach than other task management and to-do apps available in the App Store, there are no check marks in steps. So what do you do to mark a task if you have completed it? You close it. Tapping on the circle will toggle Open/Closed on it. So if you have completed all the tasks in a list the whole list shows as closed, if not then it say open. A closed list can be opened by creating a new task in it. You can name a list as Work, Project, College, etc and put all related task in to that list. New tasks can be created by tapping on the plus button present at the bottom of the screen.

Steps will be released with support to sync with Google Tasks and iCloud. Team Steps has also promised iPad support on their blog. Steps will not only be released for iOS, but it will also come in Android and OS X versions.

Availability and Pricing

No details about the pricing of Steps app have been revealed yet. Steps will become available in the App Store in the mid of February.

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