WSJ: Apple is testing 8-inch iPad with suppliers

WSJ that just claimed iPad 3 will have LTE support is back with another bit of news related to Apple iPad. According to WSJ, Apple nowadays in testing a new breed of iPad with 8-inch display. Again quoting “people familiar with the matter” WJS says that Apple is working with its component suppliers in Asia to test a new tablet computer. Not only Apple is testing iPads with 8-inch screen size but is also qualifying suppliers for it. This new iPad is said to carry same resolution as iPad 2 (1024×768).

Apple is currently working with AU Optronics Co. and LG Display Co. to supply test panels for this new tablet. Although Apple has always said that 9.7-inch is the perfect size for a tablet computer, it might have changed that mindset within the company so that it could have a stronger portfolio of tablets to compete with rivals such as Amazon whose Kindle Fire with 7-inch screen was a success with 6 Million units sold in the last quarter.

Don’t get too excited though, Apple is known to be testing different products with their suppliers and could opt out of this particular design of iPad at any time.

An 8-inch tablet with a smaller screen and lower resolution than the rumored Retina Display equipped 9.7-inch iPad 3 will obviously be priced lower than expected $499 entry level model of iPad 3. This will not only increase already thriving market share but a more affordable iPad will also help in Apple’s initiative of iPad for schools and textbooks for iPad campaign.


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