Report: Apple to cut minimum iAd pricing for advertisers. Again

Apple’s mobile advertisement venture iAd might become more affordable for advertisers very soon, as a report claims that Cupertino based company has decided to lower the minimum advertising price for advertisers. Apple currently charges a minimum of $400,000 to developers who want to buy ads on iAds but is said to lower it to $100,000 in coming days. This minimum $400,000 price was set a few months ago when Apple decided to lower the initial $1 Million minimum price of ad buying.

This reduction in minimum ad buy price for iAd is understandable, iAd has not been doing great business for Apple and rival Google has been taking more and more ground in mobile advertising space as the user base expands.

The report also says that Apple might also cut its share it takes from developers who display iAds on their apps. Currently Apple is taking 40% from developers, but might reduce it to 30% in the near future.


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