Test your four-letter word knowledge with Swipe Four game for iOS

Swipe Four is a very entertaining game for those who like to play word games. In Swipe Four you simply have to find a four lettered word from random alphabets appearing on the screen. To select the characters of a word you just have to swipe on them, for example if you have found the word ‘SAME’, you will start from S and drag you finger to E via letters A and M. The game is very simple and addictive and has unlimited levels and bonuses to achieve.

Here are a few features of the game from its iTunes description page

  • Automagically get points for all the words you make!
  • Get bonus points for speed and accuracy!
  • Global leader board with daily, weekly, and all-time top scores so you can compete against the world!
  • Facebook leader board lets you go head-to-head with your friends!
  • Featuring music written just for the game! Or turn the sound off to listen to your iPod while you play!
  • Simple and interactive tutorial makes it easy to learn the rules of the game!

There are two versions of Swipe Four available in the App Store. One is paid and the other one is free, and frankly i was unable to find the difference between the two.

You can get Swipe Four for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99 here, and the free version here.

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