Angry Birds Space coming in March with all new ‘zero-gravity’ gameplay

Rovio has announced the fourth major release of Angry Birds named ‘Space’. This new Angry Birds game will be based in outerspace and will allow players to enjoy their favorite game in zero gravity mode. The new mode will also bring new elements to the game like slow-motion puzzles and lightspeed destruction. Angry Birds Space as you might expect will be based on awesome outer-space physics, that’s why Rovio has launch partners like NASA and National Geographic.

The news that makes me even more excited about this new release is that it will bring new birds to the team of Angry Birds. These new birds will have new super powers too!

In an interview given to Yahoo! Games, Andrew Stalbow, GM of Rovio North America said that Angry Birds Space is going to be the biggest launch since the original Angry Birds game, that was launched in the App Store in 2009.

Rovio’s Angry Birds is a live example of what Apple’s App Store can do for App developers (that is by the way going to hit 25 billionth download soon). Angry Birds is not limited to iOS anymore, it is available for several platforms including Android, Windows, Mac, Facebook, and Google Plus.

[Yahoo! Games via AppAdvice – Source]

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