Photo of alleged iPad 3 logic board tells A5X could be the name of Apple’s new chip

As the expected iPad 3 launch date approaches, more and more rumors are surfacing from Chinese websites. Now an image has been posted on site weiPhone (via MacRumors) that shows the logic board of upcoming iPad 3. This logic board is not of very much interest to us except for one thing. As you can see in the image above, the silver chip that is most probably the processor of the device has A5X printed on it. Usually the name of the processor of iOS devices is printed in that way.

What’s odd here is that this new chip that will likely power the new iPad is named A5X instead of A6 – the name everyone has been expecting for it. When Apple introduced the single core A4 Chip in iPhone 4 back in 2010, it was replaced by Dual core A5 chip, so anyone who has been expecting a Quad-Core processor in the new iPad should rethink his assumption because A5X could mean that although A5X chip would be faster than A5, it could still be dual-core expected and rumored quad-core.

Though nothing can be said about the legitimacy of this image, and this name A5X could just be a pre-release code name for the chip. We are not sure about anything at this point.

iPad 3 is expected to feature a faster processor (faster dual-core or quad-core?), Retina Display, LTE support, 8-Megapixel, and more.

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