Clear app for iOS gets recreated in HTML5 on the web

Clear to-do app for iOS has received a lot of media attention in the past few days, so much that a developer named Evan You has created a replica of the original app in HTML5. Although this is not made by someone who belongs to the Clear team, the web app is very much like the original app and pretty fluid too (not as much as the original app though).

Evan You says that he created this unofficial web version of Clear in just 2 days. The web app as admitted by its creator is a bit buggy and does not functions as the real app, it gives users a glimpse of what Clear app is all about. It is also useful for those who would want to try the app before purchasing it from the App Store.

To test Evan You’s web version of Clear app visit

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[iPhoneinCanada via iDB]

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