OnLive Desktop Plus service brings Flash to an iPad near you

OnLive released its Desktop app for iPad last month that allows users to use fully functional Windows 7, that is actually running on OnLive’s online servers. The app that was available for free even allowed users to use Office and other components of Windows right on their iPad. Now OnLive has announced an upgrade to that service. The OnLive Desktop Plus, that is available to users for $4.99 per month will enable them to use Flash on their iPad running Windows 7 through OnLive’s servers.

The free version does not feature Flash, so if users want to take advantage of Adobe’s Flash platform then they could just get the monthly subscription and boost the app’s functionality. Other than Flash, there are several other features too that can be acquired with this monthly subscription. A comparison chart is given below.

As reported by Wired , the founder of OnLive is an Ex Apple employee who has worked on projects like QuickTime at Apple. As Apple has famously showed reluctance towards bringing Flash to iPad due to its ‘buggy nature’, it is strange to see an ex Apple man to do the honors. Perlman promotes (defends) his service, as reported by Wired in the following words:

Perlman agrees that Apple was right to shut out Flash on its mobile devices. The buggy nature of the platform wasn’t worth the hassle. But, he says, “when you can run [Flash] on a full-powered computer, that equation is very different.”

There are several other apps available in the App Store that allow iPads to access a user’s computer and also run Flash media files, but OnLive’s service does not require an intermediary computer as OnLive provides access to its servers running Windows 7 online.

OnLive says that it will soon introduce an enterprise version of this service, and also release app for more platforms including Macs, TVs, Android, and Windows PCs.

You can download free OnLive Desktop app for iPad here. If you want to subscribe to OnLive Desktop Plus, then you can sign up by going here.

[Image: Macrumors Source: Wired]

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