10 Great Twitter apps for iPhone and iPad

If you use Twitter then you will know that the most convenient way to post a tweet is to do it from a device like an iPhone or iPad. Because of their portability, you can tweet from wherever you are, whenever you want. And those of you who use Twitter on their iOS device know that the most convenient way to post a tweet is to do it from a native app. There are several good Twitter clients available in the App Store that can make choosing one of them very difficult. Here we have gathered 10 Twitter apps that are available in the App Store to help you in choosing which one suits you the best. Let’s get started

1. Official Twitter


With all the anger from its users due to recent changes, Twitter’s official client for iOS is undoubtedly the most popular Twitter app out there. It features a simple interface and allows users to tweet, follow friends, discover people based on interest, share photos and videos, view trends, and more. Twitter is a universal app and is optimized for iPad. Twitter is a good app for average users who do not want to do much with the app other than just tweeting and viewing their Timelines.

Although some of its features, such as discover make it stand out, others make it annoying for power users. Especially since Twitter released Twitter 4.0, users have protested about its looks and have demanded Twitter to bring back the original Tweetie look and dropped features to the app.

Other features of Twitter include multiple accounts support, push notifications, multiple language support, and many more.

Download: Twitter for iPhone and iPad (Free)

2. Tweetbot


Probably the most popular third-party Twitter client is Tweetbot by TapBots. It is my primary Twitter client and in my opinion does everything right. It has that Sci-fi look and sound effects that make it different and more attractive than other Twitter clients for iOS out there. Tweetbot has two seperate versions available in the App Store, one is for iPhone and the other one is for the iPad. Users will have to buy both seperately if they own both devices and would like to use the optimized version of Tweetbot on their tablet.

Features of Tweetbot include multiple timelines, smart gestures, push notifications, support for multiple services like Read it Later, Instapaper and many more.

Download: Tweetbot for iPhone ($2.99) – Tweetbot for iPad ($2.99)

3. Osfoora


Osfoora is a Twitter client that is both feature packed and elegant. It features a simple and clean UI that makes it one of the best Twitter client for iOS devices. It takes a different approach by adding a ‘Home Screen’, that features icons pointing to pages such as Timeline, Trends, Profile, Compose, and more. Those of you, who were looking for a Twitter client to replace Official Twitter app due to recent changes must try Osfoora as it won’t disappoint you. Just like Tweetbot, Osfoora has two versions in the App Store, one for iPhone and the other one for iPad.

Features of Osfoora include multiple accounts, home screen, tweet Songs, advanced attachment manage for sharing multiple photos and videos,  landscape mode, and many more.

Download: Osfoora for iPhone ($1.99) – Osfoora HD for iPad ($1.99)

4. Echofon


Echofon is a Twitter client with clean and straight forward look. It has all the functionalities that you would expect from a Twitter client, and also those that you might not expect from it. One of the very cool feature of this app is that it gives inline preview of photos and videos in your timeline. That means you will get a preview of the photo or the video one of your follower has shared, you can decide if you want to see it or not by looking at the preview. Another feature allows users to mute other users, clients and hashtags. Unlike Tweetbot and Osfoora, Echofon is a universal app and has an optimized verison for both iPhone and iPad.

Echofon is available for free if you don’t mind ads, if you do then you can remove ad through in app purchase for $4.99 or purchase Echofon Pro.

Download: Echofon for iPhone and iPad (free) – Echofon Pro without ads ($4.99)

5. Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck brings the column style of Tweetdeck for PC to iPhone. It features traditional Tweetdeck look taken from its PC counterpart and features all major Twitter features that other apps have. Additionally Tweetdeck for iPhone makes using and posting on multiple Twitter accounts a breeze, its column based UI allows users to easily view and switch between several columns belonging to different accounts. Along with Twitter, Tweetdeck features support for Facebook and allows users to comment, like, view walls, and get notifications.

Features of Tweetdeck include fully flexible custom column, innovative navigation of Twitter profiles, Login with your TweetDeck account and more.

Download: Tweetdeck for iPhone (free)

6. Twitterrific


Twitterrific is a simple looking app that has all the features you need to get going. Twitterrific is a universal app optimized for both iPhone and iPad. It allows users to tweet, follow, DM, search, and much more. Features of Twitterrific include simple UI, unified display for replies, re-tweets and more, Instapaper, ReadItLater & Readability support, and many more.

Sadly, the free version of Twitterrific does not allow users to manage multiple accounts. Users can buy in-app purchase worth $4.99 to add multiple account feature, remove adds, and tweet translation feature.

Download: Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad (free)

7. Hootsuite


HootSuite is a nice app that is so feature packed, that an average user might not feel comfortable using it. With Twitter HootSuite also features support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. Along with general Twitter functionalities, HootSuite also allows users to send scheduled updates, track click stats, and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags, and lists. HootSuite is a universal app with support for iPhone and iPad both. It is a great companion app if you use HootSuite on your PC, but also works fine if you don’t.

Features of HootSuite include support for multiple accounts, support for multiple social networks, track results and more.

Download: HootSuite for iPhone and iPad (free)

8. Tweetings


Tweetings features a beautiful look that is both simple and elegant, and has many great features. It allows users to create lists, add geolocation to their tweets, and has push notifications support. Tweetings can also sync your timeline to your Mac or iPad so you don’t have to do it yourself. With Tweetings you can tweet, share photos and videos, view conversation related to any tweet, see who’s nearby with its using Augmented Reality feature, and more. It also supports ReadItLater and Instapaper and can translate tweets for you.

Two separate versions of Tweetings are available in the App Store, one is for iPhone and the other one is for iPad.

Download: Tweetings for iPhone ($2.99) – Tweetings HD for iPad ($2.99)

9. Tweetlist


Tweetlist is an iPhone only Twitter client that focuses on Twitter lists. Users can do all other Twitter related things with Tweetlist including sending tweets, sending DMs, sharing photos and videos, and more. It features support for iOS’s voiceover feature, twitlonger, Instapaper, and ReadItLater. There are two themes (dark and white) that change the look and feel of the app.

Features of Tweetlist include Full conversation view, Push notifications via Boxcar, User, hashtag, and client muting, Multiple accounts, and more.

Download: Tweetlist for iPhone (free) – Tweetlist without ads ($2.99)

10. Twitbird


Twitbird is one of the most beautiful looking Twitter cliend for iOS out there. It is a universal app, that means it has been optimized for both iPhone and iPad and you don’t have to buy both versions separately. Features of TwitBird include clean and elegant design, themes, multiple accounts support, Inline photo previews, push notifications and more.

Download: Twitbird for iPhone and iPad (free) – Twitbird without adds ($2.99)

Bonus: Twitter’s web app


If you don’t want to download a native app on your iDevice, then there is a way to use Twitter on iPhone and iPad. Twitter recently updated its HTML5 based web app and it looks awesome. It functions just like a native app and runs in Safari. Instead of putting the Twitter bar at the bottom, Twitter decided to keep it on the top to save space. Twitter’s HTML5 web app works just like a native app and has all the functionalities of Twitter. To access Twitter on your mobile Safari, simply visit twitter.com

Whats your favorite Twitter client on iPhone or iPad? let us know in the comments.

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