iPhoto for iPhone and iPad now available in the App Store

Apple announced iPhoto for iOS in yesterday’s iPad event, and now it is available in the App Store for download. As you know iPhoto has been available for Mac since years, and just like iMovie and Garageband, Apple has brought the famous Mac app to its mobile platform. iPhoto for iOS is fully multitouch enabled and allows users to browse, edit, and share their photos right from their iOS devices. iPhoto has support for Apple’s iCloud so you can take advantage of cloud computing and share your photo journals on the web.

As iPhoto runs on one of the world’s best touch screens, it features gestures and multitouch tools that makes using this app easier and more efficient. Users can not only enhance photos with Apple-designed effects but can also edit exposure, crop images, straighten images, and retouch images using iPhoto on their iPhone and iPad. iPhoto also has fingertip brushes that allow users to apply adjustments to their pictures.

iPhoto for iOS comes with great sharing options, users can beam photos between iPhones and iPads, stream photo slideshows on their Apple TVs with Airplay, publish their photo journals using iCloud, and share their photos to social networking sites including Facebook, Twitters, and Flickr.

iPhoto is a universal app, that means it runs on both iPhone and iPad. iPhoto is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPad 2. It does not run on iPod touch 4th generation or older. You can buy and download iPhoto for iPhone and iPad from the App Store for $4.99 here



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