Angry Birds Space gets announced by NASA [video with first gameplay preview]

Angry Birds Space is going to launch later this month, and Rovio has got some high profile launch partners on its side that include NASA and National Geographic. RovioMobile has uploaded a new video on its Youtube channel that appears to be shot in space. In the video a man who is in zero gravity situation demonstrates how Angry Birds Space’s gameplay would be like. He explains how trajectory motion effects a straight flight, and how it will have its affect on the gameplay.

The video also, for the first time ever reveals the actual gameplay of Angry Birds Space. You can watch the gameplay by forwarding the video to 3:08 seconds if you only want to watch that, but i would recommend you watch the whole video – you will like it.

Angry Birds Space will be launched in the App Store for iOS devices on March 22. We will let you know as soon as it becomes available.

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