Tether iPhone’s data connection with other devices using Tether.com web app [no jailbreak required]

If you want to tether your iPhone’s data connection to your Mac or any other device, and do not want to pay a monthly fees to your carrier starting from $20 per month, then try tether.com. Tether.com is a web app that allows users to tether their data connection without the need of paying monthly fees to carriers or jailbreaking their device. There are many third party apps available that let you to do the same thing, but they require jailbreak and many people don’t like to hack their devices – so for those Tether.com is a nice solution.

To use Tether.com’s service, you will have to download Tether app on your computer, and then visit tether.com/web on your iPhone. The video above by tether.com will guide you through the process.

Tether.com’s service is not free though, and will cost you $15 for the first year, and $30 for subsequent years. Which is a lot less than what your carrier might be charging on monthly basis. You can test the service by signing up for the free trial on tether.com.


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