Khan Academy coming soon to an iPad near you

Khan Academy, which is one of the most popular online schools that provide free lectures on almost every subject is about to launch an app for iPad in the App Store. The app according to FastCompany has been submitted to Apple and could launch any minute now. The new app will allow students to watch Khan Acadmey lectures even if they are offline. The app will feature an interactive transcript for easy searching, time-syncing between devices, and a handy scrubber so that students can easily move between different parts of the lectures.

There are many features in this new app, but the most notable one is that it will allow students to take lectures offline right on their iPad. As Khan Acadmey lectures are hosted on Youtube, it was not possible before to watch them offline.

“If you’re going on a road trip or if you’re taking mass transit and you don’t have cell service, or whatever, you can get the content,” says Khan Academy Lead Designer, Jason Rosoff. The iPad frees Khan Academy from the constraints of a laptop and Internet connection. Rosoff says the app will remember where users left off viewing and sync progress between devices (though, for the initial version, both devices will need to connect to the Internet before going offline to sync).

Coming of Khan Academy to iPad is a big news, and will not only promote education and make it more accessible to students but will also help in boosting Apple’s – iPad as a text boot initiative.

We will let you know when this app becomes available in the App Store. Keep visiting.

Update: Khan Academy app for iPad hits the App Store


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