New iPad gets benchmarked: Has 1GB RAM but same processor speed as iPad 2

The guys over at Tinhte, who recently posted the first ever unboxing video for the new iPad are now back and this time they have posted the first ever benchmark for the said device. Their benchmark has revealed (re-confirmed) that the new iPad (that is the third generation device of the iPad family) has 1GB of RAM. That is up from 512MB found on the iPad 2 and 256MB found on the original iPad. Although the RAM bump is very good, the new iPad features same processor speed as the iPad 2 i.e 1GHz.

It was expected that the new iPad that features A5X chip, will have atleast 1.5GHz processor, but that hope has been debunked with this benchmark. Now we know that the only upgrade in this A5X chip is the Quad-Core graphics that Apple boosted at its iPad announced event on March 7.