Apple will introduce smaller iPad later this year with Samsung display?

According to a report by KoreaTimes, a Samsung official who wished to be ‘unidentified’ has told them that Apple will release a smaller iPad later this year and will use Samsung’s display on it. Other reports have suggested that this smaller iPad might feature a screen of 7.85-inch size and will have a thinner bezel than its big brother.

We obviously don’t know whether this ‘iPad mini’ project will ever see the light of the day or will end up as just another rumor. Personally i don’t like the idea of a smaller tablet and i think the 9.7-inch size is the perfect size for that kind of device. But what i am interested in is a bigger iPod touch. And all these iPad mini rumors might end up in a new iPod touch with a larger screen than the current model. This new bigger iPod touch will not only do what the current iPod touch does, but will also make watching the movies, and other media files even more fun.

What do you think?

[KoreaTimes via 9to5Mac]

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