Sparrow Mail client for iPhone now available in the App Store

The app many iOS users have been eagerly waiting for is finally here. Sparrow, that is a popular Mail client for Mac has finally made its debut in the world of iOS today, and it is now available for download. Sparrow is a nice replacement for the stock mail app, and probably the first third party app to do so. It has a Facebook app like look to it, and even features a side panel that appears when a user swipes from the right side of the screen. With Sparrow it is extremely easy to manage multiple accounts, and once you get used to it you will find this app much more faster and convenient than iOS’s

In the Facebook like side panel, there are usual mail links such as Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, Spam etc. To switch between accounts users can simply tap on the button on the top with three lines and then on the ‘user’ button, after that choose the account they want to see the mail for. There is a unified inbox too, so if you want to view the mail from all accounts at one single place, you can. Once connected, Sparrow imports photos from your Facebook account and gives an avatar to your Facebook friends sending you emails.

Sparrow for iOS comes with all sorts of features that a mail app should have, excluding just two: Push Notifications and support POP accounts. We expect and hope that Sparrow will add such important features in the coming updates. Other features of Sparrow mail client include pull to refresh, thread view, Powerful search, Full IMAP support, attachements, message swipe, and more.

Update: Setting up push on Sparrow for iOS [how to]

Sparrow is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch for $2.99. Unfortunately it is not optimized for iPad, yet.

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