Setting up push on Sparrow for iOS [how to]

Sparrow does not support push email yet, because Apple’s App Store policies don’t allow third party mail apps to use an API that enables the app to stay online and receive emails even when the app is not running. Apple at first rejected Sparrow for iPhone due to the use of this API and it had to be removed in order to get Apple’s approval. Now Sparrow has posted a way on its site that can enable users to get push notifications using the Boxcar app. Follow the steps after the break to get push for Sparrow on your iPhone or iPod touch.

While Sparrow does not do push, you can do the following:

  • Install Boxcar,
  • Create your Boxcar account or sign in,
  • Add a service “Email Account”,
  • In settings of the service “Email Account” on the iPhone application, choose “Opens”, select “Sparrow” or “Custom”. If you choose “Custom”, enter the url following URL “fb124059057672479://”. Using “Custom” won’t open a message composer.
  • Now, forward your emails to the email address provided by Boxcar.

If you are on Gmail, you’ll receive a verification email with a code that you will find on the Boxcar iPhone application.

Update: Boxcar has integrated custom URL, that means now you can just pick Sparrow from their client list and it will open without compose window. Thanks @Boxcar

If you want to get push notifications for Sparrow app on iOS, then go to this page and request push. This will enable the Sparrow team to request Apple to reconsider its position regarding apps that could be granted the access to this API.


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