Evernote and Kindle apps updated to add new features and iPad Retina Display support

Two popular iOS apps have received major updates today. Evernote and Kindle for iOS have been updated to add new features and Retina Display support for the new iPad just in time for its public release on March 16. With improved graphics for the new iPad, Kindle app now brings a new library design that allows users to view their content in a new and fresh UI. A new cloud view has been added that allows users to easily access their cloud content in a simple and combined view.

Evernote app before and after Retina Display support for iPad

Evernote on the other hand has also added new features along with Retina Display support. New checkbox improvements have been introduced in this update, and now checkboxes support indentation. Another new features that has been added to Evernote for iOS is that it will now give suggestions when a user types title for a new note. Other changes include performance improvements and bug fixes.

Full change logs for Kindle app and Evernote app can be found after the break.

Kindle app for iOS changelog

What’s New in Version 3.0

-New library design – view your content in a new, updated look and feel. iPhone users can now choose view their library in grid view.
-Cloud view – easily access all of your content in the cloud in a simple, combined view.
-Optimized for the new iPad retina display.

Evernote for iOS changelog

New for iPad — Retina display optimized interface
Checkbox improvements for iPad
— Checkboxes now support indentation
— New lines after a checkbox will automatically insert a box
New — Note title suggestions:
— Tap title to view suggested note titles
— Suggestions refine as you add your own title
Significant updates to text editing on the iPad
Performance improvements
Numerous bug fixes, including:
— Resolved sync issue that caused an “Unknown error u11″ for some users
— When editing, holding and releasing text now displays the Select menu
— Improved handling of spaces at the beginning of notes
Numerous stability improvements

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