The new iPad gets jailbroken! (images)

Famed iOS hacker and Dev-Team member MuscleNerd has just tweeted a photo of his new iPad 3 running Cydia. This tweet is of significant importance as MuscleNerd and his Dev-Team are behind the most popular jailbreaking tool RedSn0w. As MuscleNerd has stated in his tweet, the jailbreak for the new iPad is in early stages and he says that it is just the first step, and a lot of things have to be done. He has given no ETA for the release, but one thing is for sure that it is now coming soon. One more shot after the break

The jailbreaking of iPad 3 in mere hours after launch is simply amazing, and shows the determination of developers who make jailbreaking possible for all of us so that we can customize our devices just the way we want.

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