The new iPad gets another jailbreak treatment. Untethered this time [video]

It was not long ago when we told you about MuscleNerd’s tweet in which he shared two photos of his brand new iPad (third generation) running Cydia. Right after that another hacker named Stephen Esser from Germany, who is also known as @i0n1c in the iOS community shared a video on Youtube in which he showcased the untethered jailbreak for the same device. His device was not only running Cydia, but was also able to retain its jailbroken state upon reboot, as you can see in the video above.

Jailbreaking the new iPad on first day of its release is a big achievement, kudos to those who make this possible for all of us. No ETA has been given by any hacker, but expect this jailbreak to land into your hands soon.

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