The large number of accounts in different services that we use every day is growing more and more. And not only that, but if we want to increase the security of the accounts it is necessary to use secure and different passwords. However, remembering all those passwords is tricky. Hence the importance of using password managers like 1Password, one of the most popular managers on the net. In his latest update, 1Password has acquired more than 100 novelties, an exaggeratedly high number and that intends to lay the foundations of the app in the coming months. Without a doubt, this is great news for users.

The 1Password update… with more than 100 new features!

We are not going to dwell on the advantages of using password managers, but we can highlight some of the most important ones: security, saving time, convenience, accessibility, and synchronization. He have a secure app where to store all the keys and that it is through this app that we enter all places with credentials, makes our day to day easier.

Beta 1 Password 8 iOS

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1Password will save if we have logged in with Apple, Facebook or another account

without a doubt 1Password is one of the most used applications for this task and the news of the day is that They have released a new update with more than 100 new features. In the official blog they comment on all the options added to the new version. But we can highlight some of the main ones:

  • Ability to unlock 1Password 8 for iOS and Safari via Face ID or Touch ID
  • We can now search a list of items by swiping on the list and using the search option
  • Within the elements of a list we can modify their location in their folder
  • Keyboard shortcut support
  • Continuity options have been improved and integrated with all Apple devices to start an action on the iPhone, follow it on the iPad and finish it on macOS
  • The searches show all the results compatible with the term entered even if it takes a while to show the result

They also count as news a number of bugs that have been fixed and performance improvements that are detailed in the official blog. If you are an active 1Password user, we recommend that you go to the App Store or the Mac App Store and update to be able to enjoy the stability and all the improvements introduced in its new version 8.10.

1Password 8 - Password Manager (AppStore Link)