1st gen iPhone SE Can Run On iOS 15

Every new iOS version comes with a culling feature. With the advancement of software, a few older iPhones will be left behind as Apple refuses to support them with the latest iPhone operating system. When Apple introduced iOS 15, the next version of the iPhone operating system, at its WWDC 2021 conference, tiny phone aficionados with old four-inch 1st-generation iPhone SEs had one question: 

Does The 1st Gen iPhone SE Support iOS 15?

Thankfully, it does. However, this may be the end of the journey. According to rumors, iOS 16 will eliminate support for the 1st gen iPhone SE, as well as any other handset with a processor older than Apple’s A10, in 2022.

The 1st gen iPhone SE was introduced in 2016, and it is the last iPhone with the squarish, compact, Home-button design of the iPhone 5 generation. It’s showing its age at 5 years old, and it’s growing into what Apple deems a “vintage” device.

The iPhone SE, on the other hand, handled iOS 14 admirably.

Unfortunately, you may be out of luck if you were trying to get your 1st gen iPhone SE to run iOS 15 and beyond. According to a leaker speaking to the French website iPhoneSoft, iOS 16, which is expected to be released in the summer of 2022, would not support the 2016 iPhone SE. According to the report, iOS 16 would only work on smartphones with Apple’s A10 processor or later. The A9 processor powers the original iPhone SE, as well as the iPhone 6s and 6S Plus.

We won’t know for sure until later in 2022 when iOS 16 is announced, and before it is launched in the fall.