2 new movies and 2 series occupy the week of Apple TV +

The film Sharper already has a release date

Apart from the premieres that we are going to tell you about a few lines below, one of the big news of the week on Apple’s platform for series, movies and documentaries is that Sharper already has an official release date. This will be on February 17, 2023, so now is a good time to mark that day on your calendar to enjoy this fantastic movie exclusively on Apple TV+.

Starring Julianne Moore, it takes place in New York, passing through the penthouses of popular Fifth Avenue to the darkest corners of Queens. In this movie, the motivations of the characters are always suspicious and the shots can come out from anywhere, so you have to always be alert in any situation, since nothing is what it seems.

A week full of premieres

The week is fully loaded with new content for Apple TV +, which is available from today, Friday, November 4. We start talking about Causewaya new drama film that is directed by Lila Neugebeaur, where Oscar winner Lawrence plays Lynsey, a military engineer who has returned home from Afghanistan with a brain injury caused by an explosion.


Another of the great attractions of the week, especially due to the importance it has had in the media, is the premiere of the documentary film by Selena Gomez, “My Mind and Me”. In it she is counted as the protagonist, after obtaining practically all the possible success, an unexpected turn drags her into the darkness. In this documentary rawness and intimacy go hand in hand with her.

Selena Gomez My mind and I

We now turn to talk about one of the most popular series on the Apple platform, The Mosquito Coast which premieres its 2nd season today. Let us remember that this series adapts this novel by Paul Theroux that has been a best seller. This 2nd season has 10 episodes, of which the first is already available on Apple TV +, and the rest will arrive one each week.

The Mosquito Coast

Finally, we must also take into account the little ones, since the series premieres slumberkins, with which embarking on adventures is assured thanks to the main characters such as Bigfoot, Unicorn, Sloth, Yak and Fox. It is designed to help children with their emotional well-being, thanks, among other things, to the narration.


More news

We have already told you about everything new that has arrived this week on Apple’s platform of series, movies and documentaries, which of course has not been little, but that does not mean that there are not also new chapters of all the series on air from Apple TV+. For this reason, below we leave you the different chapters that you have available from now on so that you can catch up on your favorite series.

  • Premiere of the eleventh episode of the third season of Central Park.
  • Premiere of the sixth episode of the first season of shantaram.
  • Premiere of the fourth episode of the second season of acapulco.

These are the releases for the coming months

And to finish, as always we have to review everything that is about to come to Apple TV +, so that in this way, the hype increases in each of the followers of all the content that the Cupertino company is preparing for all of us. Then we leave you everything you can enjoy in a short time.

  • November 11th
    • switches
    • Mythic Quest (3rd season)
  • November 18th
    • Don’t interrupt, little hen!
    • Spirited: The Spirit of Christmas
    • The Fraguel: special «The night of the lights».
  • November 23
  • December 2
    • Slow Horses (2nd season)
  • December 9
    • Little America (2nd season)
    • towards freedom
  • December 25th
    • The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse
  • January 13th
  • no confirmed date
    • Foundation (2nd season of the series)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (new movie)
    • The Mosquito Coast (2nd season of the series)
    • Laison (new series)
    • Ted Lasso (3rd season of the series)
    • The Reluctant Traveler (new show)
    • Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong (documentary).
    • The Sound of 007 (documentary).
    • Towards Freedom (film)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (film)
    • Argylle (film)
    • Sharper (movie)
    • Tetris (movie)
    • Napoleon
    • Number One on the Call Sheet
    • ghosted
    • spellbound
    • The Beanie Bubble
    • girlfriend
    • snowblind
    • Dolly
    • Bad Sisters
    • hijack
    • Criminal Record