Keep your Mac safe with MacScan anti-spyware app for OS X [review]

The world of internet is full of viruses and spywares, especially when you are downloading something from an untrusted site as you don’t know what’s getting on to your computer along with the file you are actually downloading. Although OS X is much safer than Windows in this regard, you cannot take risks and let your personal details and files to get compromised. To solve this very annoying problem, there are several softwares available in the marked that not only allow users to scan their computers for such viruses, but also allow them to delete them without much effort. MacScan anti-spyware is one of them, it allows users to scan, and delete files that can cause threat to your data and comes with handy tools. With MacScan users can also manage their Mac’s internet clutter as it offers them to quickly delete history files from multiple web browsers.

MacScan comes with a very useful companion app called MacScan Scheduler, this app allows users to simply schedule next scan on their Mac. Users can set the timing of the scan and the computer will automatically run the app and start the scan. Users can setup scans to run at specific days and times too.

It does not take much time for a scan to complete. When you hit the ‘Scan’ button the MacScan starts scanning your Mac for spyware and shows you its active progress in real time. When scanning is in process you can see Active Processes, Spyware Processes Identified, Cookies Scanned, Tracking Cookies Detected, Files Scanned, and Spyware Files Detected.

When scanning is complete – that usually takes 5-7 minutes, users can simply click on ‘Isolate’ button to delete files that can pose threat to their personal data. In my case, the app found over 30 spyware and deleted it. MacScan can detect and delete over 10,000 blacklisted cookies from your computer.

One thing i really liked about this application is that it does not stays active all the time and unlike many other apps out there that can cause battery drainage on Macbook and slow down user experience it runs only when you want it to.

Once you have purchased the software, MacScan team will provide you with free online technical support. MacScan usually costs $39.99, but you can get it for $10 less at $29.99 if you use the discount coupon by going on to their website here.

If you want to try and test MacScan before purchasing then you can download the free 30 day trial and use the app at its full potential.

Download MacScan for OS X


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, however the views expressed in this post are totally unbiased and based on real observations.

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