The New iPad: To Buy Or Not To Buy [opinion]

I had many expectations from Apple’s new iPad 3, also known as “the new iPad.” Now it’s finally released, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have the outstanding features I thought it would have. The iPad 3 seems to be a small upgrade to the iPad 2, and it was really easy to jailbreak, so the most important question at the moment is – is it really worth buying?

Let’s now have a look at its most obvious shortcomings to understand if we should buy it or not.

1. Weak processor

In 2011, dual-core processors were thought to be very fast and cool, but 2012 is the year of quad-core processors: even some smartphones (like the new HTC One X or the LG Optimus 4X HD) have quad-core CPUs, so we thought the new iPad would come with something similar or better, but alas, it’s armed with an old-generation dual-core CPU, and by the end of 2012 it’ll most likely look and feel very old and slow…

2. Software

We thought the iPad 3 was coming with the newest version of iOS – iOS 6, but it had only iOS 5.1 pre-installed. Of course, iOS 5.1 comes with a number of improvements over the original version of the platform, but still it’s not really what we had expected from Apple. Besides, we thought the new iPad will have Siri, introduced in the iPhone 4S, too, but the only thing that’s left from Siri in the iPad 3 is voice-to-text.

3. Storage

We expected the iPad 3 to come with at least 128GB of storage, but Apple made it with a good-old 64GB disk, which is a rather small amount of memory for a new high-end device. I can’t say it’s a very serious shortcoming, but still, having a bigger disk would be nice.

4. Old Design

The next expectation we had from Apple was an innovative design, but the iPad 3 looks like just a copy of the previous iPad. It’s also heavier and thicker though the whole world is now trying to make thin and light devices.

Well, these are the main shortcoming of the new iPad 3 I can think of. If you have an iPad 2 then i think you should wait for the next update and then upgrade to the newer model. But if you’re a big Apple fan and want to buy the newest gadget with beautiful Retina Display screen and other relatively smaller upgrades, the iPad 3 will be perfect for you or anyone who does not have an iPad yet. By the way, Apple has already sold 3 million iPads in a week, and this means the iPad 3 is worth buying after all.


By Alexander Smith

Alex is a big fan of Apple and their devices, but his passion for this company doesn’t prevent him from criticizing them, since he believes that only criticism can help both people and companies improve. He thinks the iPhone 4S is a great phone, but the iPhone 5 should be even greater so to be able to stand against the quad-core HTC One X or the LG Optimus 4X HD.

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