New Apple patent shows possibly upcoming 3D Avatar builder for Game Center

Folks over at PatentlyApple have revealed a new Apple patent application that was filed in Q3 2010. This new patent is about a 3D avatar builder and the picture accompanying the patent application shows the avatar builder running on an iPad as seen above. This new feature might be a built in feature of iOS or could be available for download as a separate App Store app, we can’t be sure at this point of time. The Avatar as you can see in the image above will be a pixar-like character wearing an Apple T-Shirt. Users will be able to change it’s color, face features, and other stuff though a simple interface placed at the bottom of their screen.

So what could be the purpose of this Avatar builder on an iPhone or iPad one might wonder. The most probable and  meaningful guess would be, that it is the Avatar builder for Apple’s Game Center. Apple recently announced Game Center for Macs and it has been available for iOS for since iOS 4, and bringing an Avatar builder similar to Xbox would serve the gamers well. There are many other uses of this type of technology as PatentlyApple points in it’s opening paragraph.

PatentlyApple writes

Earlier today we introduced Apple’s 3D Avatar App which covered a basic overview of the new application in the works. Now a second patent application has surfaced and it actually shows that the app is already running on an iPad! We have the screenshot to prove it. The new patent application focuses on how the app will work with color palettes and more. The big news however is that the new 3D Avatar App is in its final stages of development and that’s very cool. Evidently phase-one of the application is geared for the younger crowd, but other editions could be in the works as discussed in our first report today. One of the 3D characters in this Avatar App that we illustrate in our report has an Apple T-Shirt on. It makes you wonder if Apple is planning to debut this 3D Avatar app alongside a cool new Apple based game of sorts to kick this off just right. At the end of the day, Apple is in the final stages of a great new app for the iPad.


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