comScore: iPhone owners use more Wi-Fi than their Android counterparts

A new study by research firm comScore suggests that iPhone owners use more Wi-Fi than Android users. comScore’s data tells us that in the US 71 percent iPhone users connect to both Wi-Fi and 3G networks and 29 percent only rely on internet from their mobile networks. On the other hand only 32 percent Android users use both WiFi and mobile internet connections on their devices while 68 percent only use internet from their mobile networks. Similar study for the UK users revealed that 87 percent iPhone users use both Wi-Fi and mobile networks, while 57 percent Android users use both.

While these numbers are pretty interesting, there is no way to tell why there is such a big difference between the Wi-Fi usage of both types of users. May be some Android smartphones are not so smart, or their owners don’t bother using internet on their mobile devices like we iPhone users do. What to you think?


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