XMI X-Mini II speaker for iOS devices [Review]

Thanks to the built-in iPod app, iOS devices are also the best music players you can find today. Listening to music on headphones is a great experience but when you want to enjoy your music collection in a loud way, the speakers found on iOS devices aren’t that great. Especially the built in speakers found on iPad and iPod touch are just not good at all. For this you can either hook your iOS device with external speakers that although boost their volume, are not portable at all. For this you need something that is ultra-portable and sounds good. I have tried many portable speakers on my iOS devices, the problem with them is that either they are not very portable, or they don’t have the sound quality i want. I kept my search on for an ultra portable yet affordable speakers that can give good and loud sound quality. In my search i came across XMI’s X-Mini speakers. These speakers not only are portable and affordable, they sounded amazingly loud.

But loud isn’t everything, when you want to enjoy quality music you need something that can also produce good sound even when the volume is kept high. This is exactly what X-Mini II Capsule speakers do. I was really amazed when i first listened to these speakers as they sounded extraordinarily loud given their small size. X-Mini II features a really nice design that allows users to close it when not in use. This allow the device to become portable and easier to carry.You can carry X-Mini II in your pocket even if you are wearing jeans. Here in this review we will take a look at different aspects of X-Mini II speakers and check if you should buy one or not.



As I have said earlier, X-Mini II are the most portable speakers i have ever seen. I can easily carry them in my pocket or can keep them in my bag without sacrifying much space. X-Mini II weigh 83g so you don’t have to worry about it’s weight. X-Mini II features a unique design that allows users to close their speakers when not in use and carry them where ever they want. To close simply press the X-Mini II from above and then turn the upper portion clockwise. To open just turn them anti-clockwise and they are ready to be used.

Sound Quality


Sound quality on these speakers is great. You can compare them with any other speaker that can be considerably larger in size, and they won’t disappoint you. You can listen to every beat and every tune and enjoy your music at full using these mini portable speakers on your iOS device.



Volume coming out from the tiny X-Mini II speakers is just amazing, it is the loudest speaker i have ever used of this size. X-Mini II produces sound that is enough for many people sitting in one room, though if conditions are quite users can enjoy their music in adjacent rooms too.



X-Mini II portable speaker is a must have for base lovers. This thing literally bounces on the table when a bassy sound is playing. The good thing about X-Mini II’s base is that it does not affects the overall sound quality and users can enjoy the beat and bass of the music at the same time. Here in this video i have tried to demonstrate the sound of X-Mini II.

Buddy Jack feature


X-Mini II connects with music devices with a 3.5mm audio cable. But it also features a 3.5mm audio jack that connects the X-Mini II speaker with other X-Mini speakers (other models too). This feature of X-Mini II allows users to form a chain of portable speakers connected with each other for high sound. So if you have more than one X-Mini speakers than simple hook them together and enjoy ultra-high volume sound on the go.



Here at ThinkiOS we  only care about whether a device works with all iOS devices or not (which it does). But along with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch X-Mini II connects with a wide range of devices that have a 3.5mm jack. So i was able to connect it with my laptop, Mac, smartphones, and many other devices.

Package contents


X-Mini II came in a small easy to carry box. Inside the box were a charging cable (that doubles as an audio cable extension), a pouch, and a usual user manual.

Battery Life


One of the best things about this portable speaker is that it has built in battery, so you don’t have to add rechargeable cells or low life batteries on this. The manual says that the battery on X-Mini II speaker provides approximately 10 hours of battery life (i was not able to test it properly, but believe me it’s quite good). Users can charge the battery by plugging in the device with their PC or wall chargers using the cable that comes with X-Mini II speaker.



X-Mini II speaker costs £19.95 and you can buy it from MobileFun.Co.uk here, or other retailers online.



  • Ultra Portable
  • Affordable
  • Great Sound quality and Bass
  • Connects to a wide range of devices
  • Long Battery life
  • Buddy Jack: Allows users to connect a series of X-Mini speakers and play them all at once.



  • Small wire for connectivity (extendable)
  • Lacks wireless connectivity

Final Verdict


XMI’s X-Mini II Capsule Speakers are a must have for music lovers who like to connect their devices to external speakers and want to get a speaker that can accompany them on the go. It will not only come handy when you want to connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch but it will also connect to iPods, other MP3 players, laptops, tablets, and any other device that has a 3.5mm jack. In my opinion, if you are looking for a portable speaker that has everything above average and sounds good, then you should consider buying X-Mini II speakers.

You can buy X-Mini II Capsule Speaker for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from MobileFun here.

You can also check their wide range of iPad 3 speakers.

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