DropCloud: An elegant CloudApp client for iPhone and iPad

Being a regular CloudApp user I used to search for the best app so that i can instantly upload my docs and photos directly from my iOS device to CloudApp servers. But only a few CloudApp clients are available in the App Store, and most of them are not quite good. Recently I came discovered DropCloud and been using it from more than a week. By just using it for a few hours, i thought it is a must have app for every CloudApp user, so i decided to write about it here. It is the best of all available CloudApp clients both performance and UI wise.

If you are like me and also care about the UI than you will like this app, as it features a totally different UI and easy to use interface that is clutter free. You can view all of your files or can explore the same type of files at one place like images, audio, videos, docs, zipped files etc. A good thing is that the app comes with a built-in bar with music controls that will allow you to play your music files from CloudApp servers while you are exploring other files on your cloud drive.

Also the app natively allows users to view all the images, videos, PDF and Office files internally. You can view all the details of your file including file type, date uploaded, number of views etc too.

With DropCloud app you can delete your files as well as restore the deleted ones from the Trash.

The app fully supports the iOS multitasking and allows users to upload files in the background while doing other tasks on their iOS device. Users can also listen to music files running in DropCloud app while the app is minimized.

DropCloud is a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can downloaded it from the App Store for $0.99 (discounted price for a limited time – hurry up!).

Download DropCloud


More screenshots:

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