Crow is a story-driven game with gorgeous graphics for iOS devices

Crow is a recently released iOS game that features a story-driven gameplay alongside gorgeous graphics. The game features Retina Display support for both iPhone and iPad and features visuals that make this game a must have for iOS gamers. Crow is based on a story of a crow who is on a journey to reach the faraway lands, and in his journey he faces hurdles that he needs to overcome. The game brings an exciting gameplay for players that combines unique exploration, mechanics, and combat.

Players are given full liberty to choose what they want to do in the game, they can either curse their enemies or spare them. Either way the game will have different outcome than the other.

As i have said, the game features gorgeous graphics and a gameplay that is very simple as easy to get used to. Users can move the crow by tapping on their screen, it will go to the place where a user taps on.

Crow is compatible with iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 3rd Generation or later, and all iPad generations. You can download Crow for $4.99 from the App Store.

Download Crow


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