8bit Ninja is a fun and addictive game for iPhone and iPad

8bit Ninja is a fun game for iOS devices in which players have to avoid being crushed from waves of falling fruits. The gameplay of 8bit Ninja is pretty simple, users have to move the ninja towards left or right using the on screen arrow buttons. Along with the Ninja, there are several other characters with their own unique powers and abilities. In the game there are power ups and weapons that help the Ninja in surviving the fruit attack.

The frequency of falling fruits increases as the game goes on, and the direction changes as well that makes the gameplay even more tricky. Players have to earn XP while playing and also level up their ninjas. To buy more weapons players can collect coins and use them in the shop. 8bit Ninja features beautiful pixel art, GameCenter support, and a secret Retro mode.

8bit Ninja is a universal game and is available for download in the App Store for free.

Download 8Bit Ninja


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