Made entirely on an iPad. Cargo-Bot game hits the App Store

A new iPad game called Cargo-Bot has become available in the App Store for download. What makes this game different from every other iPad app out there is that it was built entirely on an iPad. The developers of this app are Two Lives Left who used Codea development environment to create the game. Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game in which users have to teach the robot how to move crates. Users have to program the robot logically so that the cargo is delivered efficiently. The game features Retina graphics and also allows users to record, and share their solutions of puzzles on Youtube.

There might be several other similar games available in the App Store for iPad but the fact that the game was made entirely on an iPad really makes it special and worthy of your download so do give it a try.

Cargo-Bot is available for iPad for free in the App Store.

Download Cargo-Bot


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