Manage your downloads with iDownloader Pro app for iOS

iOS devices are post-PC devices, so just like our good old PCs they should be able to download files from the web and manage in the right way, but unfortunately that is not happening right now due limitations imposed by Apple on iOS devices. This is where apps like iDownloader Pro come in. With iDownloader Pro app you can not only download files on your iPhone or iPad, but can also manage them in a better way. The app also allows users to play media files they have downloaded from the web including audio and video files and transfer them to their computer.

iDownloader Pro is full of awesome features, it has a built-in browser that can download files when a user tap and holds on a link. It also has a full screen mode, bookmark manager, private browsing and more.

With iDownloader Pro’s download manager, users can download files from the web at fast downloading speeds. The app allows up to 50 simultaneous downloads and can also download files in the background for up to 10 minutes. With iDownloader Pro users can download files that are over 20MB using their 3G network.

The app also features a built-in media player that plays audio in most of the popular formats and features playlists and ability to repeat or shuffle songs. It can also play videos of several formats including .mp4, .m4v, .mov, and .3gp. Users can export downloaded videos to their camera roll and also play them over iOS’s airplay feature. The app also allows users to read .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html, .webarchive and .rtf file formats.

As the main purpose of this app is to manage your downloaded files, it allows users to put them in folders and sub-folders. They can also move, rename, delete, sort files. Zip and Rar files can also be extracted from within the app. To transfer files to Mac or PC, users can simple connect their device using the USB cable or transfer via Wi-Fi.

iDownloader Pro features great protection for private files, as users can password lock their files and access them by entering their secret code.

iDownloader Pro is a universal app and is available for download for $1.99 in the App Store. It also has a free version that can be downloaded from here.

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