Access the internet anonymously with Onion Browser for iOS

A new browser for iOS devices is now available in the App Store. Like all other web browsers available for iOS devices in the App Store it allows users to access the web, but unlike all other web browsers it allows them to access the web privately and anonymously. Onion browser is an open-source software and a part of the sales coming from this $0.99 app goes to the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Using Onion browser users can visit websites of their choice without revealing their IP address. The connection is also encrypted before it leaves the device so this app keeps you safe on public Wi-Fi networks and also provides protection against snooping ISPs. Read more for full features and download link.

Features of Onion Browser for iOS include:

• Internet access tunneled over the Tor onion router network:
– Websites do not see your real IP address.
– Your connection is encrypted before it leaves your device, providing protection against snooping by ISPs or people who share a WiFi connection with you.
– Tunnel bypasses restrictive firewalls: you can access the entire Internet from behind ISPs or corporate connections, or when inside countries that practice online censorship.
– Access websites on the “dark net” of anonymous .onion web sites, only accessible in the Tor network.

• User-Agent spoofing: hides the fact that you are using an iPhone/iPad from websites you visit.

• Ability to block third party cookies or all cookies.

• Can change IP address and clear cookies/history/cache in one button.

Onion Browser is a universal app and is available in the App Store for $0.99.

Download Onion Browser



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