Facebook messenger for iPad and Facebook video chat for iPhone leaked [Screenshots]

Folks over at 9to5Mac got their hands on a beta version of Facebook Messenger for iPad provided to them by a ‘reliable’ source. The app looks almost identical to it’s iPhone counterpart and features similar functionality. The only difference the iPad version has is that it has been optimized for the larger screen of the iPad. The app has same features as the iPhone app including one-to-one messaging, group chatting, push notifications, and the ability to see a friend’s location on the map. No ETA for the release of this new app has been revealed in the report, but 9to5Mac’s source said that Facebook is actively working on this app.

In the same report, 9to5Mac points out that Facebook is also working on an update for it’s Facebook Messenger iPhone app that will bring video chat feature to iPhone. This video chat feature will land on iOS before Android or any other mobile platform out there. This new video calling feature by Facebook will be powered by Skype, and is in test stages right now.

Just like the Facebook Messenger for iPad, no exact date for the release of video calling feature has been revealed, but the site says that these apps will be released in Summer if everything worked as planned.

Here are more screenshots of Facebook Messenger for iPad:

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