Add a pico projector to your iPhone or iPod touch with PoP Video accessory

The only thing missing from today’s smartphones, including the iPhone is a built-in projector. Every now and then we hear rumors about Apple adding a projector on it’s upcoming iPhone but nothing happens. If you are expecting that Apple’s next iPhone that will most probably be released in October/November of this year will feature a projector, keep on dreaming as it is not going happen, at least in this year. Luckily though a new accessory called ‘PoP Video’ has been announced for iPhone and iPod touch. What this almost iPhone-sized accessory does is it outputs video coming in from an iPhone or iPod touch at 960×540 resolution.

PoP Video features a built-in battery that run for 2 hours in a single charge. PoP Video is ultra portable so you will be able to carry it in your pocket where ever you go. Not only videos and photos, but PoP Video is also capable of displaying Youtube, Facebook, web, and more thanks to it’s free app.

PoP Video supports devices running iOS 5 and above and is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th and 3rd Generation. PoP Video is available for Pre-order here for $99.

Demo Videos:


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