SwipeSelection tweak makes text editing on the iPad a lot more easier

A few days ago Youtube user Daniel Hooper came up with a unique idea that could make text editing and typing on an iPad easier and more efficient for users. His idea was that Apple should make text editing on iPad easier by adding the ability for users to move the pointer or select text by swiping their finger on the keyboard. To move the pointer a user can move the finger in the direction of the text, and to move the pointer faster the user can swipe with two fingers instead of one. His idea was amazing, yet simple and everyone in the community liked it. Everyone liked it so much that people started saying that Apple should implement this method in it’s upcoming iOS update.

Well it will take Apple quite some time if it wants to implement this method in iOS, but that is not the case with the jailbreak community. A developer has already released a tweak in Cydia Called SwipeSelection that implements the idea of Daniel Hooper not only on the iPad, but on iPhone and iPod touch too. The tweak is available for free and allows users to easily move the pointer or select text by performing a simple gesture.

You can see Daniel Hooper’s concept in the video below. This video does not shows the actual tweak available in Cydia but SwipeSelection does exactly what is demonstrated in the following video.

SwipeSelection is available in Cydia for free under the bigboss repo.

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