Search iOS’s built-in dictionary from spotlight with SpotDict tweak for jailbroken devices

A new tweak called SpotDict for jailbroken iOS devices allows users to search the built-in dictionary of iOS 5 from Spotlight search. Apple included the dictionary in iOS 5 so that users can check the meaning of words in Safari and other apps but this new dictionary still does not allows users to enter words in the search field to know their meanings. With SpotDict that is going to change and now users will be able to take full advantage of built-in dictionary of their iOS device.

SpotDict adds a small dictionary button at the right side of search field. User can type the desired word in the search field and tap on the button to reveal it’s meaning.

SpotDict is a simple and useful tweak that every jailbreaker should download. SpotDict is available in Cydia for free under the bigboss repo. Unfortunately this tweak does not support Apple iPad, yet.

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