Report: 7-inch Retina Display iPad to debut in October at around $200 price point

iPad mini rumors are not going to stop after all. iMore claims to have heard from it’s reliable sources that Apple will be releasing a killer iPad model with 7-inch Retina Display screen at a price point of $200 to $250. Apple wants to take absolute monopoly of the tablet market and this cheaper and smaller tablet will do the work for the tech giant. The rumored new iPad model that is expected to feature a 7-inch screen and will be identical to current iPad’s shape. It is said to have a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels at 326 ppi. 

So how is Apple going to bring the price to such a low number, iMore has the answer:

It’s hard to imagine a device with a panel that large and dense that having a price tag of just $200 to $250, especially when the baseline new iPad comes in at $500, but one way Apple will be keeping costs lower is by providing less storage capacity. $200 to $250 will get you 8GB. By way of comparison, the current entry-level iPod touch also starts at $200 for 8GB. (And no, Apple won’t be replacing the iPod touch with the 7-inch iPad, both devices will remain in the product lineup — though it’ll be interesting to see what happens with iPod touch pricing and storage capacity.)

Apple is currently competing with the low-end $200 tablets with $399 iPad 2. It would be interesting to see Apple releasing an iPad with such a small screen and high resolution, and keeping it affordable for everyone. [iMore]

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