Apple wins domain name through complaint to the World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO (World Intellecutual Property Organization) has today updated it’s official site by posting that domain name has been terminated. This termination occured after Apple launched a complain to the organization a few days ago to protect it’s trademark. The owner of this domain name has had control of since 2008. He has been running a forum on the domain related to iPhones. It is unclear at this point of time what Apple will do with this domain name. It is also unclear what the upcoming iPhone is going to be named. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone will simply be called ‘The New iPhone’ instead of iPhone 5 just like the third generation iPad is called the new iPad.

Worth noting here is that not only Apple has tried to gain access of this domain name much earlier than ever, this claim also indicates that Apple will name it’s upcoming iPhone as iPhone 5 instead of ‘the new iPhone’ or any other name speculated by the press, we are not sure on this though. Another point of view can be that the next iPhone whatever it is going to be named is widely referred to as iPhone 5 so it may be logical for Apple to get control of the domain name, even if it does not want to name it’s device as iPhone 5.


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