Google’s Schemer app wants you to make schemes. Also recommends you what to do

Google has released a new app in the App Store called Schemer. Schemer is kind of a social network plus to-do app in which you can make the schemes made out of stuff you want to do. The app not only saves your schemes but also recommends schemes made by others based on your interests. A cool feature of Schemer is that it recommends a scheme by taking care of time, day, and wheather. So you will not get recommendations of schemes you cannot perform at any particular time. 

By going to the Schemes tab in the app you can look for schemes that you can perform at places near by to your current location. You can also look for schemes that you can perform while staying at home for example cooking, reading, watching a movie, or exercising. Scheme users can also browse schemes created by others based on categories including fashion, outdoors, movies, gifts, beauty, vacation, and many more.

The Activity tab shows you what’s happening. Here you can create your own scheme and tell the app to either keep it private or share with the rest of The Schemer community.

You can sign in to Schemer using your Google+ profile and use it for free.

Schemer is available in the App Store for free and runs on all iOS devices running iOS 4.2 or later. Unfortunately it is not a universal app so iPad users will have to use the iPhone version of the app.

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