YouTunes Live: A nice audio player for Youtube [review]

There are countless music services available on the internet, and most of them have dedicated iOS apps available in the App Store. But if you use Youtube for listening to music on your iOS device, then the best way to do it is to listen to audio without loading the video. This way you can save a lot of your bandwidth if you are on a 3G network. YouTunes Live is a nice audio player that streams audio from Youtube without loading the video. It not only plays the audio from Youtube, but also allows users to create playlists. Read on for our complete review of this application.

YouTunes Live features a simple and easy to use UI with a Facebook app like side pane that allows users to manage playlists. This side pane can be accessed by a swipe gesture. Users can create a new playlist and also change the mode of currently playing playlist. There are three different modes for playlists in YouTunes Live. Linear plays all the songs in a playlist one-by-0ne. Shuffle simply plays a random song from the playlist. Single Repeat as the name suggests plays a song or any other audio file from Youtube repeatedly.

The app displays now playing bar at the bottom of the screen with a large button for play/pause and a scroller that allows users to navigate to different positions of the audio playing at the moment.

Adding a new video in the playlist is very easy, simply tap on the search button located at the top bar of the app. When you tap on the search button, a new page will appear with a search field and a large Search button. Users can enter the keyword or video URL in the search field and press the search button to reveal results.

Once the results are shown for any search query users can tap on their desired result and tap on ‘Add Video’. The app shows the title, total views of the video, number of likes and dislikes the video has received, description, and a direct Youtube link for the video.

Managing a playlist in YouTunes Live is very simple. Users can hold any song and move it up or down on the playlist by dragging it to the desired location with their finger. To delete a song user can simply swipe their finger on a song and tap the delete button.

YouTunes Live is a great app and does what it is meant for rightly. A few things that are lacking in this app are native support for iPad and social sharing options that could allow users to share their favorite Youtube content over Facebook or Twitter. Another feature i didn’t found in this app was that you cannot open a video in Youtube from YouTunes app. Although it displays the link to original Youtube video, the link is not tappable which is annoying at times when you want to watch the video.

YouTunes Live is available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free.

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