Kickstarter project: gTar is a fully digital iPhone powered guitar aimed at everyone

gTar is a digital guitar that is fully powered by an iPhone. It is created by a start up company named Incident, that is currently looking for pledgers for their project on kickstarter. Incident has aimed it’s gTar guitar at everyone, so that anyone who does not even knows how to play a guitar can pick one up and start playing his/her favorite song. As gTar is powered by an iPhone and has a dedicated app for the device, users will be able to place their iPhone in built-in iPhone dock and start playing their favorite songs right away.

gTar shows an array of interactive LEDs along the fretboard that shows a user how to play. gTar has built-in censors that detect what a user is playing in real-time and relays each note to their iPhone which then produces the actual sound. The app comes with a library of supported songs. The company will be adding more songs every week and will also add songs suggested by their customers.

gTar has a unique feature called SmartPlay, that mutes the incorrect notes played by the user and even nudges the user while they are playing through difficult songs.

gTar has three levels of difficulty, so a user can set it to Easy, Medium, and Hard to match his/her playing skills.

Here’s how these difficulty levels work:

If you’ve never played the guitar before, start with Easy, where you only need to play the open strings. This gives you the chance to start playing your favorite songs right away while getting a hands on feel for the strings. SmartPlay is in effect here, so if you accidentally hit the wrong string, you won’t hear anything.

When you’ve graduated from Easy, you can move up to Medium and start playing the frets and strings at the same time. Don’t worry though, Smart Play is still in effect, so you can continue to play without the fear of messing up.

When you’ve mastered a song and want to take it to the next level, try playing in Hard. Here, the gTar will continue to display the correct notes, but allows you to play whatever you want. SmartPlay stops working here, so every note you play will ring out.

Incident’s gTar is a project that still needs funding so that the initial batch of production units could be funded. The company expects to ship first line of gTars in 2-3 months if they could get enough funding on kickstarter.


Size: 35″L x 13″ W x 1.75″ D
Connections: USB, 1/4″ Line Out, SmartPick
Power: Internal 5000 mAh Li-Ion Battery, Charging via. USB

In the Box

– Padded Backpack Gig Bag
– Guitar Strap
– USB Charger (1A 5V)
– USB Cable
– Two Sets of Replacement Strings
– Three SmartPicks
– Line-out Headphone Adapter

You can view the kickstarter listing for Incident’s iPhone powered gTar guitar here.

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