iOS developers on larger iPhone screen: Apple won’t pull an Android

GigaOM has published an interesting piece about what third-party iOS app developers think about Apple increasing the size of it’s iPhone’s screen to 4-inches as rumored in several reports. Most developers GigaOM talked to don’t think that it will be that much of a problem for them, and believe that Apple will handle the situation itself. They don’t believe that Apple will create an Android like fragmentation in iOS devices and ask developers to create apps for three different iPhone displays that include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, and the new iPhone with a 4-inch screen.

Lenny Rachitsky, the CEO of Localmind, a social discovery app for iOS said

 “We haven’t put a lot of thought into it yet, partly because we assume Apple isn’t going to pull an Android and fragment the device market unnecessarily. If they do, they must have a really good reason to do it, and we’re confident they’ll provide tools to make it easy to migrate. The last thing they want to do is put more friction in front of developers.”

CEO of Massive Damage Inc. that creates location based apps for iOS said

“I can’t quite imagine how they will introduce yet another retina resolution standard. Overall, I think if Apple does increase the screen size, they will be careful to not introduce too much fragmentation. They will likely keep the aspect ratio the same so developers won’t have [to] refactor their UI,” he said. “I have a feeling a bigger iPhone will automatically scale up existing retina resolutions as the screen would likely only get a little bit bigger.”

It is really interesting to know what developers think about a larger screen for iPhone and their view about what Apple is going to do for it’s developer community if it ends up increasing the screen size of the it’s iPhone. You can read the full report by GigaOM by hitting the source link below.


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