Google Search app update for iPhone brings new design and major improvements

Google’s official search app for iPhone and iPod touch has received a major update in the App Store, which is now available for download. Google Search 2.0 brings a complete redesign and changes to the app that have been inspired by the iPad version. The new design features a start page that allows users to sign in to their Google account, search the web using the voice search or Google’s goggle feature and access different Google applications such as Gmail, Google+, Currents, Maps, Youtube and others by tapping on the ‘apps’ button.

This new update also brings major speed improvements to the app, making it more efficient and speedy. Another cool feature added to the app in this update is that when a user scrolls down on a page, the controls are automatically removed and user can enjoy the webpage in full screen mode. Previously users had to tap on the full screen button in order to hide the control bar. The control bar returns when a user scrolls back to the top of the screen.

When showing web results the app displays a bar at the bottom of the screen, that allows users to change the mode of it’s search from everything to images, places, news, and more. Google has also added a swipe shortcut that allows users to return to the result page by swiping from left to right on a webpage.

The update also changes the way image search results are displayed in Google Search app. Now the image search results are presented like tiles, as you can see in first screenshot above.

Google Search app now allows users to search for words on a webpage by tapping on the on screen button present at the bottom of their screen while viewing a webpage.

All changes in this update mentioned above are for iPhone and iPod touch, because iPad already has them. Though a new feature is added in this update that is for both iPhone and iPad. This new feature is now users can save images to their camera roll by using Google Search app for iPhone. Previously they had to open a page in Safari to save an image. This new feature is very useful for those who save pictures on their iOS device from Google Search.

Google Search is a universal app and can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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